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Mission, Vision, Values

UAHT Mission

UAHT exists to prevent and confront modern-day slavery by educating the public, training professionals and empowering the community to take action for the purpose of identifying, rescuing and restoring trafficking victims to freedom.

UAHT Vision

UAHT envisions individuals taking responsibility for the role they play in their own community, and mobilizes those individuals to work together to:

  • (i) identify the causes of human trafficking,
  • (ii) recognize the evidence of the evil being done in their cities and counties, and
  • (iii) free the victims of this social injustice.

UAHT Values

  • A commitment to leading the way as brokers of change in the anti-human trafficking movement.
  • Collaborating with a diverse group of organizations in order to be more effective and build community capacity
  • The pioneering spirit, by developing ground-breaking, innovative means of tackling the issue of human trafficking
  • Human dignity and basic human rights for all individuals.
Last Updated and Approved by the UAHT Board of Directors – December 2011